Science and Technology Program

Exploration and Discovery

Our belief is that learning through science will stimulate your child’s imagination and awakens their curiosity. Your child will develop a hunger for knowledge and ask more questions as they learn new things. This can have a positive impact on their future education and growth.

We will encourage your child to think logically to test and measure, and to make connections between different concepts. This is the first step towards understanding more difficult and sophisticated subjects.

Your child will be engaged in discussion and debates. We want your child to discuss different topics with their peers and educators as this helps improve social interaction, promotes patience and understanding, and shows your child how to deal with different perspectives on the same topic. Science is all about exploration and discovery so we introduce several fun experiments and activities every day, some examples:

Technology Plays its Part in Learning

Technology and technological devices are now an integral part of everyone’s lives. Our belief is that technology can offer a diverse range of learning styles which may benefit your child.

Your child will have carefully monitored access to educational games and apps to facilitate their learning and research throughout the day, together with their educators, the children will also use technology to research topics of interest to them.

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