Literacy Program Literacy Program

An Essential
Part of Childhood

At Clovel, we believe that books and reading should be an essential part of childhood.

Reading will help your child develop their vocabulary, expand their knowledge and introduce them to different concepts like characters, cultures, and personalities

Essential Part of Childhood
Essential Part of Childhood

Dramatic Arts in Literacy

Reading a book and storytelling is fabulous for future literacy skill and this can be greatly enhanced by dramatisations and acting out the various roles in each story. Play Acting will boost your child’s confidence, self-esteem, sense of self-worth, proactivity and belonging. It will also encourage your child to:

Dramatic Arts in Literacy
Use their imagination
Dramatic Arts in Literacy
Practice and develop
their communication skills
Dramatic Arts in Literacy
Work better within
a team environment
Dramatic Arts in Literacy
Understand the subtleties
of spoken language
as well as non-verbal communication
Dramatic Arts in Literacy
Take up different
personalities during
dress-up games and acts

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