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At Clovel Childcare Merrylands

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1300 863 986

Nominated Supervisor

Miranda Brown


From ages 2–4


Located close to Woodville road, between Excelsior Street and Blaxcell Street


69 Lisgar Street Merrylands, NSW


Monday – Friday
7am to 6pm

Welcome to Clovel Childcare, Merrylands

Step into an exciting and educational environment when you visit our Clovel Childcare in Merrylands. We have everything your child needs for their early years academic development. Our well designed outdoor play space with its exciting but developmentally appropriate outdoor activities including our sandpit for sensory play. Indoors, we offer a multitude of resources to create a well-rounded child. Our baby and preschool programs are grounded in play-based learning, where your child can explore topics uniquely interesting to them. We are open from 7 am to 6 pm for parents looking for long day care as well as preschool in Merrylands.

There are many reasons to choose our centre for your Merrylands childcare needs. We offer additional benefits beyond our extensive curriculum, compassionate staff, and expansive grounds. Our comprehensive meal program allows for multiple meals throughout the day and even special days with international foods from around the world. They may “travel” to India one day for butter chicken or maybe Egypt for some kofta and tzatziki. We also provide assistance to families that may qualify so all children can receive the quality education they deserve.

We strive to create a warm and welcoming environment for children and parents alike and aim to be the leading childcare choice in Merrylands. Our parents can keep in contact often, using our KindyHub program and APP for communication. This platform lets you track your child’s sleeping charts, daily activities, and more. We are also on Instagram and post on our blog regularly to keep you updated with all of our newest info.

Discover The Pinnacle Of Early Childhood Education In Merrylands

Our Merrylands childcare centre focuses on children aged 2-4 and provides a well-rounded education to meet all social and developmental needs. During their learning, they will build an array of life skills necessary during childhood development. Our team helps build problem-solving skills, encourages self-confidence, and even helps promote conflict resolution when the occasion arises.

Meet Our Merrylands Team: Where Care Meets Mastery

Our highly qualified staff is a wonderful group of educators dedicated to creating a whole and healthy child. Each team member holds the qualifications necessary for Early Childhood Education and Care, and the passion to see each student thrive.

You’re in the right place if you’re looking for a team to help your child explore their interests, ask questions to stimulate curiosity, and engage them in hands-on learning. Our Merrylands childcare centre offers all of this and more.

Explore The Unique Merrylands Childcare Curriculum

What makes our curriculum unique? The combination of exciting subjects, engaging activities, and a holistic approach. There is plenty for your child to explore in our environment, and our teachers are here to help further encourage essential development, social skills, and problem-solving abilities.

Building A Comprehensive Base For Your Young Stars

Our curriculum offers everything your child needs for a complete education. Your child will be exposed to a range of lessons and activities at our preschool in Merrylands. These activities can range from baking a cake during science and technology time, measuring objects during maths , or listening to a fascinating read-aloud story in literacy. Your little ones also have plenty of time to engage in the most essential part of early years education—play! Our physical activities include balancing, ball games, and even an obstacle course. The performing arts program helps build confidence and self-esteem. Children are encouraged to participate in a multitude of theatre activities like singing, dancing, reciting or public speaking.

Merrylands’s Path: Ensuring A Smooth Transition To Elementary School

When your child is ready to take the next step into Big School, they will feel well-prepared with our comprehensive preschool program. We provide all necessary courses, developmental skills, and chances for collaboration to prepare your child for the next level of education. With our immense choice of subjects and activities and the play-based learning curriculum, your child will feel confident moving into their next education stage. During their time with us at Clovel, our educators are there to support them every step of the way to ensure academic success, confidence and a sense of self esteem and self worth.



Our early learning centre in Merrylands caters to children ages 0 to 5.

At our Merrylands preschool, we use a play-based learning approach for a variety of topics and focus on tactile learning including our brain linkages program for our early years learners. Our curriculum offers academic subjects as well as socially developmental subjects like physical education and performing arts.

Safety and hygiene are a top priority for us at Clovel Childcare. All educators at our location are up to date on hygiene standards and food safety laws.

We pride ourselves in hiring fully qualified, passionate educators to join our team. Our staff hold certifications from Early Childhood Teaching Degrees to Advanced Diploma Educators. We are committed to hiring like-minded individuals who share our devotion to holistic, play-based learning. If this speaks to you, reach out! We are always looking for dedicated professionals.

Our compassionate staff receives training during their educational program to be fully equipped when dealing with special needs or requirements. Our teachers may reach out to you for additional questions or support to ensure your child’s needs are satisfactorily met.

Our family daycare in Merrylands aims to create holistic, happy, healthy humans. Our team of friendly professionals is ready to help give your child the building blocks they need to succeed. Reach out and schedule a visit with us today to see what makes us a leading nursery centre in early years education.