South Penrith

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1300 863 986

Nominated Supervisor

Kristy Knudsen


From ages 0–6


Conveniently located just off Maxwell st in South Penrith.


3 Birmingham Road, South Penrith, NSW


Monday – Friday
7am to 6pm

Welcome to Clovel Childcare Centre in Penrith

From activities designed to address everything from building social connections to problem-solving, we have created the perfect environment for young children to express themselves in the most constructive, guided way. Of all the childcare centres in Penrith, we truly believe ours is among the most supportive, well-rounded, and conducive to learning and growing for healthy, inquisitive children. With our superb, fully qualified staff and educators on hand to support and inspire, we are delighted to have created what we believe to be the perfect place for young children to spend their days.

Our Penrith Childcare Programs

We are immensely proud of our educational programs here at Clovel Childcare Penrith and offer the following high-quality, carefully crafted programs:

We are also great believers in the concept that children learn best when doing things they enjoy most and are good at, so all of our programs are put into practice with that value at heart. For some fascinating, insightful looks at the world of childcare in Penrith, some of the reasoning behind our educational strategies and beyond, why not check out our informative blog page?

Why Choose Our Penrith City Childcare?

When it comes to childcare centres in Penrith, it pays to do your homework carefully upfront and make sure you are choosing the right environment for your child. We are confident that once you see our incredible, comprehensive educational programs and interact with some of our enthusiastic team members, you will want to enrol your child with us here at Clovel Preschool Penrith.

No other daycare in Penrith does more to ensure each and every child feels safe, comfortable, and intellectually and emotionally stimulated during their time away from their family. These factors are at the very core of our very ethos, not just as a company but as individuals, family members, and committed educators ourselves. If you have been seeking a conscientious, professional, and comprehensive day care in Penrith, you could not have come to a better place.

Childcare Centre In South Penrith

As hard-working, dedicated, and respected childcare experts since 1977, we take the business of childcare in Penrith very seriously indeed. Our mantra revolves around the philosophy that love should pervade every aspect of a child’s life, and learning environments and experiences should be no exception. As a leading preschool in Penrith, our aim is to provide the most relaxed, nurturing, yet stimulating environment possible.

Our extensively researched, carefully crafted educational programs and activities leave no stone unturned in inflaming the curiosities of the young people we are charged with teaching and empowering. Trained, supported Penrith preschool professionals see potential in every one of our students and never look at our role as that of babysitters. We have a focused yet non-pressured attitude to giving children the very best chance to grow, learn, and thrive.

If this kind of comprehensive Penrith childcare sounds like something you would be interested in learning more about and immersing your child in, please do not hesitate to get in touch today.

Dedicated, Experienced Educators At Our Family Daycare In Penrith

At Clovel Childcare in Penrith, as with all our other centres, we insist on the highest quality, most motivated individuals when selecting our staff and ensure they remain dedicated and responsible throughout their time with us. We remain 100% committed to the belief that a sense of passion, playfulness, and belonging are essential factors in any successful learning environment for children. Without the right people on-hand to create that loving atmosphere and maintain energy and standards at all times, it can be an uphill battle.

If you are an educator yourself, like what you see and think you have the requisite qualifications, skills, and dedication to join the team at our wonderful Penrith preschool, take a look at potential careers at Clovel. We’re always happy to talk to enthusiastic, compassionate individuals who can contribute and help us maintain our excellent standards and reputation as one of the best childcare centres in Penrith. The qualifications or studies we insist upon are:

  • Early Childhood Degree
  • Diploma In Children’s Services
  • Certificate III In Children’s Services
  • Current Vocational Study Via Correspondence


FAQS on our Penrith Childcare

Clovel Preschool in Penrith is open from 7 am until 6 pm

We encourage all our valued Clovel families to use KindyHub, our software of choice for communication, progress reports, and agreeing on goals. It is the perfect tool for educators and families to communicate, discuss their child’s development, ideas and issues, and share photographs and other media.

Clovel Childcare Centre in Penrith is proud to meet and surpass the Australian government’s ideal educator-to-child ratios:

  • 1:4 for under 2yrs
  • 1:5 for 2yrs
  • 1:10 for 3-5yrs

Here at Clovel family day care in Penrith, we are very keen to teach children healthy, responsible habits when it comes to nutrition and meals. To this end, we provide them with a wide variety of healthy foods, including:

  • Vegetables
  • Fruits
  • Cereals and grains
  • Lean meats
  • Dairy

We supply breakfast, morning tea, lunch, afternoon tea, and late afternoon tea.

There are some simple but important steps that must be taken to enrol your child at our centre for childcare in South Penrith. These steps include:

  • Paying a $50 enrolment fee to ensure your child’s position is secured
  • Speaking to your Penrith childcare centre supervisor, providing any necessary details and your preferred start date
  • Registering for the Child Care Subsidy if applicable

If you think you may be eligible for government funding for parents, this would also be the perfect time to research it and see if you are one of the Australian families able to access subsidies and programs to help with the cost of Penrith child care centres.