Childcare Centre in Greystanes

Center Information


1300 863 986

Nominated Supervisor

Kate Nolan


From ages 0–6


Close to Pemulway and the Cumberland highway


63-67 Brighton Street, Greystanes 2145


Monday – Friday
7am to 6pm

Welcome to Clovel Childcare, Greystanes

Here at Clovel Childcare in Greystanes, we have done everything we can to create an environment conducive to giving our young learners the most constructive, nurturing, and fun experience when spending their time with us. A lot of thought and effort has gone into our programs at Greystanes childcare, and we are proud to support and guide children in everything from making healthy social connections and learning basic skills to expressing themselves creatively and problem-solving. If you are researching daycare centres in Greystanes, we genuinely believe there are none finer than Clovel Childcare in Greystanes.

Greystanes Childcare Programs And Offerings

Since 1977, Clovel has been building a reputation as a team of hard-working, dedicated, and respected childcare experts. This is a reputation we are proud of, and strive every day to live up to and build upon. One of the reasons we feel people recognise our level of commitment to the experience of teaching and nurturing younger children is our comprehensive, professionally created set of teaching programs, fully incorporated at our daycare centre in Greystanes:

Extensive research and care go into these targeted, fun-packed educational programs, and we leave nothing to chance when designing activities and experiences to excite the curiosities and enhance the life skills of our young learners. Other daycare centres in Greystanes may lean more towards babysitting their youngsters, but that will never happen at Greystanes childcare or any Clovel preschool. Our highly-trained, dedicated, and motivated team members are all fully on board with our mantra that when a loving, safe environment is filled with empathetic and supportive staff, children have the very best chance to learn, grow, and thrive.

Why Choose Clovel Preschool In Greystanes?

There are a wide variety of reasons why we truly believe you should choose Clovel daycare centre in Greystanes for your youngsters, from our small, focused class sizes to our insistence on providing healthy meals and snacks. However, we are perhaps most proud of our thorough, professionally researched, and constantly fine-tuned learning programs.

It has long been understood and proven that children are more inclined to learn and retain information when experiencing things they enjoy and are successful at.  At our Greystanes preschool kindergarten, as with all Clovel facilities, we embrace the mantra that guided, constructive fun and play can facilitate some of the most rewarding learning experiences. If you have a moment, please visit our insightful blog page to learn more.

Professional And Passionate Caregivers

When looking to find the perfect daycare in Greystanes, it is crucial to look at the team at each centre and get a feel for their level of commitment and compassion. Our Greystanes preschool kindergarten is blessed with some of the most incredible, empathetic, and qualified educators we have had the pleasure to work with. As with all our centres, we choose our staff members exceptionally carefully and insist on nothing less than total professionalism and passion in all things.

If you like what you see and think you have what it takes to join the amazing team at our trusted daycare in Greystanes, please browse the range of careers at Clovel.


Liverpool FAQs

  • Clovel’s Greystanes preschool kindergarten is open from 7 am until 6 pm

Greystanes Preschool Kindergarten online Parent Communication Program

Clovel families are encouraged to communicate with the centre using KindyHub, our preferred software. It facilitates the easy sharing of progress reports and allows parents and teachers to discuss student development, ideas, and issues in a simple, fuss-free way.

Clovel Greystanes preschool kindergarten proudly offers a child-to-educator ratio that surpasses the NSW government’s preferred number which is as follows:

  • 1:4 for under 2yrs
  • 1:5 for 2yrs
  • 1:10 for 3-5yrs

Here at Clovel childcare in Greystanes, we recognise all too well the problems children can have in later life if exposed to too much unhealthy food at a young age. We have spent time working with respected nutritionists and other experts to create a balanced diet for the children in our care and have a program focused on nutrition and meals to further reinforce these essential concepts and life skills. The responsibility to promote good nutrition for the children in our care is something we take very seriously, and the wide range of healthy foods we provide includes:

  • Fruits
  • Vegetables
  • Lean meats
  • Dairy
  • Cereals and grains

Meal and snack times at Greystanes Preschool happen at breakfast, morning tea, lunch, afternoon tea, and late afternoon tea. However, if children indicate they are hungry, food is always available to them.

Enrolling children at our incredible daycare in Greystanes is simple but does include some essential steps. It is vital that parents:

  • Pay the $50 deposit necessary to secure each child’s position
  • Make an appointment to speak directly with the Greystanes childcare centre supervisor. You will be asked to provide any details that the centre should be made aware of (allergies, temperament issues etc) and can state the preferred date for your child to start
  • Register for the Child Care Subsidy if eligible

Federal Government Child Care Subsidy funding is available to all eligible families government funding for parents, this is the perfect opportunity to start the process and find out. Many Australian families are eligible for assistance which can go a long way towards covering any Greystanes preschool costs.

At Clovel, we take the business of health and safety incredibly seriously and are never complacent when it comes to protecting the children we are charged with educating and caring for. To this end, we have a rigorous, comprehensive cleaning regimen and frequent inspections and assessments. Nothing potentially dangerous in our daycare centre in Greystanes can be accessed by tiny, curious hands and all hazardous materials are securely locked away from the children. All our Clovel educators are also familiar with required hygiene standards and food safety laws.

A bonus feature of such excellent student-to-teacher ratios at our Greystanes preschool kindergarten is that it enables us to have a much stronger focus not only on educating but also interacting and supervising the children thus giving them the attention they deserve.