The Clovel Philosophy

The Clovel Philosophy

At Clovel, our philosophy is based on love. Our belief “if you’re getting the loving right, everything else will follow” means our educators strive to ensure your children feel nurtured and appreciated as they learn in a safe environment.

We will always be responsive to your child’s feelings and needs, to stimulate their curiosity and thinking whilst providing a warm and loving atmosphere.

That one cheeky smile or giggle makes my day and reminds me why I chose this path – Jessica, Clovel Ryde

Our educational programs are based upon what each child loves to do, is interested in and good at to ensure each child is given the best chance to grow and learn to their fullest potential.

To achieve this aim, Clovel educators plan activities that provide opportunities for socialising, problem-solving, creativity, feeling a sense of positive self-esteem and belonging and giving our children the ability to gain those vital building blocks necessary for school life and beyond.

The desirable relationship between parents and educators must be professional and go beyond just parent involvement. It must be a relationship of mutual respect, true partnership and honest communication to best ensure each child’s well-being is fostered.

It is so rewarding to experience each child’s individuality and growth – Tiarna, Eastwood