Client Testimonials

Kristy Bushel

“I wish to thank all the staff for their hard work over the past 5 years with my Son. He has recently started school and is thriving in his schooling. I am thankful to all the staff at the centre for their constant communication with myself and husband, for keeping us up to date with his progress, for helping us not only with our children but with any issues that we have had, for all the time and effort they put in, it is a pleasure to see how passionate the staff are.

They are constantly playing with the children, talking with all the families and going above and beyond their roles to help whenever needed. It is good to see there are centres out there that are 100% for the children. Every afternoon I pick my kids up all the children are clean and happy playing. It is clear that they too have just as much fun as my children. The staff and management team are always available to help us with anything we need.

The centre is constantly beautiful and the atmosphere is always inviting. My son loved attending the centre and was sad to leave. Clovel became a second home to both my son and my family. Now my daughter is attending the centre and she loves it. I am very excited to see all the things she will learn. She is already coming home with lots of new and exciting things she has learnt. We are happy to recommend the centre to all our friends and family. Thank you so much!”

John Santos

“The team at Clovel are amazing! I’m a first time Mum and a little too focused on work at times. The ladies really help me out with the small things that matter. Like, which nappy rash cream is the best and the friendly reminders of what’s coming up because I don’t read my emails all the time.

I call anytime and they are happy to help or assist. Sia is so happy there and it makes me happy. The team becomes more like family and they should all know what an amazing job they are doing.”

Kate and Daniel Walton

“I wanted to take this opportunity to express my thanks to Kathleen and the incredible staff at Wentworthville for the fantastic care provided to my daughters Mia (3.5 years) and Lily (13 months) over the last 9 months.

Thank you… For the great communication from the very start – I can’t count the amount of centres I called trying to find quality and affordable daycare for my daughters. Lyn was quick to contact me back and took the time to talk me through the learning and development ethos behind Clovel which was very much in line with my parenting beliefs.

Our first visit to the centre was great fun and Mia didn’t want to leave, in fact we booked her in the very next day! Kathleen put my mind at ease by calling me mid-morning to let me know my little cherub was fine and enjoying herself which was exactly what I needed.

Mia has come out of Clovel with a boosted self confidence, improved social skills and incredible manners – a parent’s delight! Along with newly found skills both Mia and Lilly have made some great friends along the way and have absolutely fallen in love with all the carers.

It is with deep sadness that we’ve had to leave Clovel due to relocating home, we will all miss the team at Clovel and will be sure to send photo updates along the way”

Georgina Zaineddine

“I’m writing this letter in support of Clovel Early Childcare Centre. I am the mother of a child who has been attending the centre since she was 2 years of age. My daughter (Sage) is now 7 years old and is currently attending the centre’s before and after care as well as participating in full-time vacation care.

I’m extremely pleased with the services the centre and staff provide in particular their diverse range of external activities. Sage always has the opportunity to participate in a variety of structured and engaging activities. All staff conduct themselves in a professional manner at all times. Personally I can’t speak highly enough of the service they provide.

The fact that Sage has transitioned into the next phase of the Centre’s program (vacation care) and has been there for more than 5 years is testimony that the centre offers an effective service to the community/working parents.”

Anu Regmi

“I am personally very happy with the centre and its staff. There has never been an instance when I meet a friend or family and not talk about what my son, Shreeyam has gained during his short time during the centre. As parents we are great well wishers and stalwart supporters of the centre and its staff members.”

Michael and Bernadette Kotiw

“I would like to take this opportunity to thank the amazing staff at Clovel Castle Hill especially my son Myles’ carers. We were always made to feel welcome and nothing was ever too much trouble. The staff were at all times friendly, courteous and above all professional.

There were many times that we were having financial difficulties and the staff were more than accomodating towards our needs. For this both my husband and I thank you from the bottom of our hearts. We also thank you for the kind and warm nurturing you showed Myles.”

Santana (Ritvik’s Mum)

“Ritvik wrote his full name and showed me today and even the numerals. We are so proud of his achievement. Thank you so much. Ritvik has really come so far since he started with Clovel this year.

Thanks to all the educators involved with Ritvik achieving his goals. We are so excited to see what more Ritvik will do during his stay at Clovel.”

Shazli Hadi

“My child Aaron has been going to Clovel Childcare for the past 2 years for morning and after school care as well as sometimes for vacation care. During this time I have found the care centre and its staff to be knowledgeable and very well organised.

They provide the children with a wide range of activities and are always ready to help and cater as best as possible for my needs as well as those of Aaron’s. During the time my son has been going to Clovel I have seen a marked improvement in Aaron’s learning and life skills as well as his behaviour.

I attribute this to the great learning opportunities and experiences Clovel Childcare provides as well as the focus on discipline and manners that centre staff instil in the children. The staff are very professional in all their dealings with both the parents and children. I would highly recommend Clovel to any parent.”

James Ford

“Thank you to all the educators at Castle Hill doing a wonderful job looking after my son, Thomas! I am especially enjoying the photo summaries of each day Thomas is there, and the reports that accompany them”

Jane Thorpe

Hi Lyn,

I just wanted to wish you and all your amazing staff congratulations for winning at the Australian Childcare Awards. It was very evident watching your team during the presentations of the high levels of passion, commitment and love for the children and families within your centres.

As you know, working in children’s services is not only about providing care for children but commitment to empowering children’s lives through education and responsive, high quality relationships. It is obvious that your educators do this so well.

Congratulations to each and every team member for their efforts and for being part of our early childhood sector. Keep up the great work. I know we’ll be seeing you again at the next awards night.