Clovel History

The Beginning

The Clovel Family began in 1977, when Lyn and Ron Connolly began their child care journey. Their two beautiful adopted children had started school and Lyn was searching for a way she could share her philosophy of love and learning with others.

The Clovel centres started with Clovel Merrylands, then a 14-place centre, growing over the years to now comprise of 8 small early learning centres across Western Sydney.

“I will build a business based on love, if you get the loving right everything else will follow ….”

The Family

Lyn’s mantra of “love makes the work go ‘round” meant that Clovel was built on a strong base of love – for each other and her love of learning.

To ensure Clovel’s philosophy of love and learning is extended throughout the Clovel group Lyn continues to mentor and educate her handpicked group of educators.

Over the years Lyn has cared for, developed, nurtured and educated not only thousands of children but also her dedicated educators who for many years now have made up Lyn’s other family – the Clovel family.

The Clovel Family have won many National and NSW State Early Childhood Education and Care Awards, Australian Small Business Champion in the childcare category and Most Outstanding Childcare Centre of the Year in the Local Business Awards numerous times.

Lyn has been the Winner of the Most Outstanding Business Person of the Year for Parramatta, Holroyd and Cumberland.

The Journey Continues

Lyn’s dream is still evolving and growing, with the Clovel group headed up by a dedicated management team made up of Lyn and Ron, their daughter Natarsha, daughter-in-law Maria and close friend Theresa, all of whom are passionate about delivering Lyn’s messages of love, quality education and leading Australia’s children into the future.

I love the feeling I get when they accomplish something themselves, knowing I was there along the way to guide them is the best thing in the world – Tiarna, Liverpool