Baby Program

The Clovel Learning Experience

Our belief and research shows that early childhood development is the key to assisting your baby to wire its brain, become socially competent, promote intellect and whole of body strength, thus developing into a successful learner. Your baby will participate in our early learning programs immediately.

We ensure a well-resourced, rich and inviting ‘learning through play’ environment that is reflective of each individual child’s interests, strengths & individual needs.

For Babies 0–2 Years Old

Nurturing Development:
Baby Room Childcare at Clovel

When it comes to quality education, it’s never too early to start. That’s why we offer a comprehensive baby childcare program at Clovel Childcare to help your child proficiently develop at the appropriate times of physical, mental and emotional development. We have a full range of developmentally appropriate childcare activities for babies, from fine to gross motor skills. Parents can keep in contact easily through our KindyHub app for updates, as well as our Clovel blog for the latest news, tips and tricks. Prospective parents are encouraged to complete the online enrolment form and register for the Child Care Subsidy program.

At Clovel, we believe in a holistic, well-rounded education. From our baby program to our preschool program, we offer an extensive curriculum that covers traditional subjects like literacy, maths, and science and technology expertly blended with additional subjects like physical activity and performing arts to help your child reach their maximum potential. For educators that want to join a passionate team of individuals, we are always happy to welcome experienced professionals to the Clovel family.

Baby Room Routine:
A Day in the Life at Clovel

When your child starts with us at Clovel, they start on an educational path to success. At Clovel, they can expect a range of physical and mental activities to stimulate their body and mind in our baby room childcare centre. We aim to create an area that provides a warm, nurturing environment to set your baby up for success. 

Alongside your babies’ activities in childcare, we also offer a comprehensive food menu where we safely incorporate different tastes, textures and flavours into your child’s diet at developmentally appropriate times. Our baby room is separate from other age groups, and we provide a separate changing area, cot room, and play and learning space to prioritise your child’s safety.

Brain Linkage Program

As each baby’s brains double in size in the first year of life, grows to 80% of adult size by age 3 and 90% of adult size by age 5 it is vitally important to provide the necessary program to ensure each child’s brain wiring is ongoing from a very young age. Thus our Brain Linkage program begins with our babies from 6 weeks of age.

Our Clovel Brain Linkage Program includes exercises and activities and opportunities for your baby’s “Primitive Reflexes” to be stimulated – and this must be done very early in life. Our Brain Linkage Program provides our babies with the essential responses for survival and early automatic movement patterns to ensure they attain strong mobility and ensuring vital brain wiring.

It is a program designed in consultation with child development professionals to help your baby gain the building blocks they need to grow into a strong, healthy and well-developed child.

Engaging Young Minds: Activities for Babies in Childcare

At Clovel, we understand that early childhood learning helps to build an individual with a greater appreciation for education. We have a range of activities for babies and toddlers in childcare to help foster socially competent learners who are naturally encouraged to explore their curiosity and enquire at a young age. Some of these activities for babies in childcare include:

Balance Beam
Tummy Time
Build Them Up/
Knock Them Down

These activities can help build core muscles and neck strength, which are necessary building blocks to help your child safely run, jump and play. Our baby room routine childcare ensures that your child will practice these skills safely with trained professionals to help give them the confidence to thrive.

Our babies room for childcare has all your child needs to safely and sensibly improve sensory development through inquiry-based play.

Sensory Activities: Stimulating Growth and Learning

In any learning capacity, sensory play and activities are crucial to comprehension. That’s why we offer sensory activities for babies in childcare that cater to sight, sound, touch, taste and smell to help children understand and make connections. These sensory activities are expertly blended into your babies’ activities in childcare.


Our vibrant spaces and arts and crafts games help develop children’s sense of sight.


Our fun and animated singing helps develop the sense of sound in an engaging way.


Our sensory massage and warm and cold activities help children engage in touch play.


Our diverse menu program helps build on taste sense by introducing children to different foods, flavours and textures.


Babies’ sense of smell is strengthened with our flavoured play dough and herbs and flowers.

Clovel Baby Areas

At Clovel, we strive to create a nurturing, caring, loving and hygienic area for
your baby. Our nappies and linen are supplied at no extra cost.
Our Clovel baby areas additionally include:

Play & Learning Space
Cot Rooms
Nappy Change Area

“These activities are key to assisting your child to develop strong core and neck strength, thus ensuring your child has the necessary building blocks to be able to crawl, walk, run, skip and also importantly to write with ease. ”

Communication with Parents

Kindyhub is Clovel’s App of choice for interactive communication between our families and our Educators. Our Clovel families download the free app and get convenient access to:

  • Nappy change charts
  • Sleep charts
  • Eat and drink charts
  • Updates on activities

With Parents

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The Clovel
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Comprehensive Care for Infants:
Clovel’s Baby Childcare Approach

We believe that success is possible for each and every child, and we take pride in a comprehensive curriculum and care plan that helps your child reach their maximum potential. From our separate play spaces to safely encourage baby development to our multiple subject-specific programs, Clovel Childcare delivers a thorough day full of childcare activities for social and emotional learning.

Safety and Comfort:
Prioritizing Well-Being in the Babies Room

Our Clovel Brain Linkage Program includes exercises and activities and opportunities for your baby’s “Primitive Reflexes” to be stimulated – and this must be done very early in life. Our Brain Linkage Program provides our babies with the essential responses for survival and early automatic movement patterns to ensure they attain strong mobility and ensuring vital brain wiring.

Frequently Asked Questions about Our Baby Program

At Clovel, we have multiple activities to stimulate sensory growth, core strength and intellectual development. Our activities for babies and toddlers in childcare range from sensory boards to tummy time to block play.

We provide an extensive routine to help support all child development. Our blend of academic subjects in a holistic setting helps develop well-rounded learners with a natural passion for knowledge.

Sensory activities are included daily for babies at Clovel. Children begin brain development within their first year, and sensory activities are crucial to healthy development.

Safety is our top priority for the children of Clovel Childcare. Our baby program contains three separate areas for babies, from our cot room to our learning space to our change area.

At Clovel, we prioritise your child’s development, blending a well-developed curriculum with a holistic approach that encourages learning through interest and play.

When it comes to baby programs for your child, choose the centre that puts your child’s development, health and well-being first. Contact us today for the chance to join the Clovel family, and welcome to your new home away from home.