Baby Program

The Clovel Learning Experience

Our belief is that early childhood development is the key to assisting your baby to develop into a successful learner. Your baby will participate in our early learning programs immediately.

“We ensure a well-resourced, rich and inviting “learning through play” environment that is reflective of children’s interests, strengths and individual needs ……”

Brain Linkage Program

Brain linkage is our baby exercise program where every activity is designed to help your baby’s brain to develop and grow.

Newborn and very young infants can see a little and hear very well but have little understanding. Your baby’s “Primitive Reflexes” are vital at this stage.

They provide babies with the essential responses for survival and early automatic movement patterns that help enable them to become mobile.

“It is a program designed in consultation with child development professionals to help your baby gain the building blocks they need to grow into a strong, healthy and well-developed child”

Fine and Gross Motor Skills Development

We use lots of activities to assist in developing your baby’s Fine Motor, Gross Motor, Brain Wiring and Balancing skills.

  • The gym ball
  • Crawling
  • Balance beam
  • Tummy time
  • Upside down
  • Baby massage
  • Shape sorters
  • Pegboards
  • Build them up/knock them down

 “These activities are key to assisting your child to develop a strong core and head and neck strength. It ensures your child has the building blocks to be able to crawl, walk, run, skip as well as write”

Human Senses Development
  • Sound tracking and singing to develop their sense of hearing
  • Sensory boards, massages, messy play, warm and cold, art and various games to build on their sense of touch
  • Visual tracking, art and craft and games like Grand Old Duke of York, Hide and Seek with the toys, Boo to build on their sense of sight
  • Flavoured playdough, smelly bottles and other games to help develop their sense of smell

Clovel baby Areas

Our 0-2 baby areas include:

  • Separate play and learning spaces
  • Separate Cot rooms (linen supplied and cleaned at no extra cost)
  • Nappy change areas (nappies supplied at no extra cost)

What makes me smile? When the children come running up to me with a big grin and have their arms out ready for a cuddle – Jo-Anne, The Cottage, Merrylands

Communication with Parents

Kindyhub is Clovel’s App of choice for interactive communication between our families and our Educators. Our Clovel families download the free app and get convenient access to

  • Nappy change charts
  • Sleep charts
  • Eat and drink charts
  • Updates on activities

Additional Information

Watching the children grow, learn and reach their developmental milestones is the biggest reward anybody can have – Hayley, Blacktown


If you have any questions relating to our Baby Program or any other aspect of starting at Clovel, please do not hesitate to contact our friendly Team.