Clovel Granville

Childcare Centre in Granville

Center Information

Clovel Granville also provide before and after school care and vacation care for the following local schools: Holy Family Primary School; Granville East Public School; Granville South Public School.


1300 863 986

Nominated Supervisor

Veronica Coombes


From ages 2–6


Conveniently located near Woodville Road off Excelsior Street


39 – 41 Augustus Street Granville, NSW


Monday – Friday
7am to 6pm

Discover Clovel Childcare in Granville

Clovel Childcare in Granville is a space where our youngest learners can come and be engaged, delighted, and enthused time and again. A huge focus has been placed on creating the perfect, safe environment to assist in this process, and we guarantee children will have an exciting, intriguing time with our qualified educators. Clovel Childcare Centre in Granville is fully on board with the concept of learning through fun and play and supports our young charges as they go on a journey of discovery and growth in everything from forming social bonds to basic maths skills.

If you get the chance, why not take a look at our informative blog page and learn more about how Clovel views the world of early learning?

Programs Designed For Granville Preschool’s Young Learners

Clovel has been growing an ever-more trusted, positive reputation as a conscientious company with compassion and professional integrity since 1977. We work hard every day to create the very best atmosphere and nurturing locations we can for our young guests and have created a wonderful set of activities and programs to engage their minds and make them keen to come back every day.

These programs were designed by qualified educators and those with years of experience in the needs and wants of young learners. Our daycare in Granville boasts some superb, highly-interactive programs, and we are proud to say no compromises were made in ensuring they are as effective as possible. Our current list is as follows:

An Innovative Approach To Early Childhood Education

Due to the extensive research and meticulous preparation that went into our ideas and activities to enhance early childhood learning, we feel no other childcare centres in Granville can even come close in terms of quality of care and learning opportunities. Not only that, but we are constantly reviewing and updating our programs as new ideas and fresh learning concepts emerge and can be incorporated. We see our mission as one that never ends but keeps evolving and always has the very best intentions and motives at its core.

Nurturing Staff Who Love What They Do

Clovel’s mantra is based on the idea that no space can be comfortable, safe, and conducive to learning unless it is filled with love. It is for this reason we take such great care in recruiting only the most dedicated, empathetic educators and staff members who really want to make a difference in the lives of the young people they meet. We are proud to say our Granville childcare facility is no exception and is filled with enthusiastic, conscientious team members.

Any potential new recruits reading this most than welcome to contact us to find out more about our rewarding, life-changing careers at Clovel. We are very conscientious in terms of the qualities and qualifications we require but know you will not regret joining the wider Clovel family here at Granville childcare if things work out.



  • Clovel’s preschool in Granville is open from 7 am until 6 pm

Granville Preschool online Parent Communication Program

At Clovel, we encourage our families and staff at our Granville Childcare Centre to use the amazing communication software, KindyHub, whenever possible. It makes sharing ideas and progress reports straightforward and seamless and facilitates parent/teacher discussions. It also allows us to have a regulated way to monitor any absences and other issues.

When choosing to partner with Clovel for their childcare in Granville, parents can expect to find an excellent educator-to-student ratio greater than that of the NSW Government regulation as follows:

  • 1:4 for under 2yrs
  • 1:5 for 2yrs
  • 1:10 for 3-5yrs

Our Educator qualifications coupled with our educator to child numbers go a long way to proving our commitment to giving every child the very best start in life possible with maximum attention and support.

Absolutely, yes. We have long since recognised the utmost importance of creating a healthy, respectful relationship between children and the food they eat. Clovel regards the concept of nutrition and meals as essential life skills that can affect the rest of young people’s lives negatively if not developed and nurtured correctly. At our daycare centre in Granville, they can expect to eat all kinds of delicious, nutritious meals and snacks, expertly balanced by professional nutritionists. Our healthy menus include a careful mixture of:

  • Vegetables
  • Fruits
  • Cereals and grains
  • Lean meats
  • Dairy

Meal and snack times at daycare in Granville are at fixed times that correspond with breakfast, morning tea, lunch, afternoon tea, and late afternoon tea. However, food is always available if children indicate that they are hungry.

If you have heard enough and would like to enrol your child at our amazing family day care in Granville, there are just a few simple but necessary steps you need to take:

  • Make a $50 payment as a deposit to protect/guarantee your child’s position
  • Arrange to speak with the supervisor of the Granville Childcare Centre and provide any details the staff need to be made aware of (regarding allergies, religious needs, behavioural issues etc) You will also be able to discuss timing and indicate the most convenient start date
  • Check your eligibility and apply for Child Care Subsidy

Federal Government Child Care Subsidy funding is available to all eligible families government funding for parents, and now is the best time to make your enquiries and find out. This will not affect any decision regarding the placement of your child and is merely an administrative formality the Granville Childcare Centre needs to make note of.

The health and safety of the children we are responsible for educating and taking care for is our highest priority at our daycare centre in Granville, as with all our trusted Clovel centres. A comprehensive cleaning routine is in place, regular, exhaustive inspections and health and safety assessments are performed, and any findings are acted upon. All staff members and Clovel educators are fully versed in hygiene standards and relevant food safety laws.