Merrylands 0-2

Childcare Centre in Merrylands: 0 To 2 Years

Center Information


1300 863 986

Nominated Supervisor

Jo-anne Rayner


From ages 2–6


Located close to Woodville road, between Excelsior Street and Blaxcell Street


69 Lisgar Street Merrylands, NSW


Monday – Friday
7am to 6pm

Welcome to Our Merrylands 0 to 2 Infant Care

At Clovel Merrylands, we are here to help your child take the first steps on their educational journey. Our childcare offers both a baby program and a preschool program, so if you are looking for childcare in Merrylands for 0-2-year-olds, we are here to provide support. For parents newly joining our childhood centre, we will keep you connected and send frequent updates through our KindyHub app, where you will receive information on things like sleep charts and eat and drink charts. Our blog is regularly updated to provide parents with the latest news and student successes. We know that time away from your children can be difficult, which is why we aim to keep parents in close contact and frequently updated.

At Clovel, we know that education can happen at any age. That’s why we take pride in our comprehensive program for infants and young learners. Our Merrylands childcare for 0-2-year-olds stimulates your child with tactile play and sensory engagement. We have the training and materials to help your child thrive. Prospective parents are encouraged to complete our online enrolment form to get started and check to see if they may qualify for government assistance for their child.

Our Infant Care Philosophy

We firmly believe that early childhood development helps build social, physical and emotional skills to help little learners become successful students. Our Merrylands childcare centre for 0-2-year-olds offers separate learning spaces, cot rooms and nappy change areas to best accommodate young learners.

  • A Nurturing Environment for Your Baby’s First Steps: Step into our bright and beautiful campus, full of soft toys, vibrant colours and an ample green space for children to learn and explore. Our friendly staff will help engage your child in a play-based learning technique to help foster educational interest in a safe space and welcoming environment.

With our strongly supportive staff, we will help your child through their early years development, a crucial time in your child’s life. Our skills will help begin the foundation of a comprehensive education that builds thoughtful, curious learners.

Key Features Of Our 0 To 2 Program

Our early learners baby program is robust, allowing your child to develop social and emotional skills through physical movement and play. We take pride in our extensive meal program, full of healthy options and international tastes.

Our staff have comprehensive training and educational qualifications to help your child reach their maximum potential. Interested educators with a passion for early years learning are always encouraged to visit and apply.

  • Customised Care Routines for Infants: Our routines at Clovel Merrylands help support your child’s motor skills, as well as brain wiring and balancing skills. We know little learners need downtime, and naps throughout the day help children rest and reflect on their educational play. Our food routines will help introduce different textures and tastes, appropriate to their developmental range and preferences. All of these routines help create a well-rounded, happy and healthy child.

  • Developmentally-Appropriate Activities: Our Clovel childcare centre offers multiple programs centred on numerous subjects such as literature, maths, science, and physical activity. These subjects are tailored for young learners, focusing more on the sensory and tactile aspects of the subject. They may engage in sorting shapes and colours, building and knocking down structures, or playing with pegboards. Students focus on touch, smell and colourful visuals to help boost interest and foster an educational spirit. They may participate in developmentally appropriate activities such as crawling, tummy time or the balance beam.

  • Health and Nutrition for Infants: We know the importance of a healthy diet to maximise learning potential. Our staff is sensitive to allergies and specific needs, and water stations are placed throughout our childcare centre to keep all learners well-hydrated.

At Clovel, we are here to help your child grow, discover and thrive. We take pride in our comprehensive curriculums, our colourful equipment and our courteous staff, determined to help every child reach their maximum potential. Our developmentally appropriate activities and well-structured daily routines will create children with a passion for knowledge and a desire for play-based learning. Reach out today to get started on your child’s educational journey at Clovel Childcare. Welcome to Clovel. Welcome home.



We understand the need for additional support for young learners. At Clovel Merrylands, we feature a 1:4 ratio for all children under two. For older students, the ratio differs. Children aged two will have a 1:5 ratio, while children aged three to five will have a 1:10 ratio. This helps ensure student success and collaboration while still maintaining safe supervision numbers.

With our small group 1:4 teacher-student ratios and separate learning and nap spaces, we have created a welcoming environment for infants to academically develop safely.

We understand that sometimes it’s important to check in. If you need to visit, please contact the staff to help arrange a meeting time. We prioritise safety, so frequent communication is best to ensure you and your child’s needs are fully met.

We take pride in our multicultural lunch selection and are hypersensitive to specialised needs. Please inform the staff of your child’s particular nutritional needs, and we will help tailor a menu that accounts for allergies, special dietary needs or cultural and religious needs. We are up-to-date on recent food safety laws and proper hygiene standards.

When you join Clovel, we require a copy of your child’s Immunisation History Statement. This statement allows our staff to ensure that your child is safely up to date on immunisations before joining our childcare centre. We take health and safety seriously and may require health checks occasionally to ensure a safe space for staff and students alike.