Childcare In Liverpool

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1300 863 986

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Kaitlyn Lonard


From ages 0–6


conveniently located walking distance to Liverpool train station


65 Speed Street Liverpool, NSW


Monday – Friday
7am to 6pm

Experience Excellence at Clovel Childcare, Liverpool

Welcome to Clovel Childcare, the Liverpool childcare centre with everything your child needs to develop into a well-rounded little person. We believe in a holistic, play-based approach and encourage every child to explore their interests through inquiry.

Our fabulous Kindyhub app allows parents to keep in constant contact and receive real-time updates about nap schedules, food menus and communications. Our Liverpool community can follow along with public updates and posts on our Clovel blog for tips, tricks and inspirations for learning at home. If you are searching for quality family day care in Liverpool, check out Clovel and see why parents and students love our centre.

Just one visit will help you understand why we are a top choice for childcare in Liverpool. Our little ones love our spacious outdoor play area, with slides, sand pits, jungle gym equipment and even a small “rock wall” they can climb. This expansive green space allows students to run, balance and play games with our physical activity curriculum. The bright colours and sensory objects help encourage education through play, our favourite learning method. Inside our daycare centre in Liverpool, you’ll find a robust indoor learning space where children participate in numerous programs like our literacy, maths, science and performing arts program.

Nurturing Tomorrow’s Leaders In Liverpool

Here at our Liverpool childcare centre, we know that children need to develop academically, emotionally, physically and socially to evolve into successful individuals. Our multiple programs help your child build these skills in a fun and engaging environment.

Clovel understands that a healthy mind needs healthy fuel, so our substantial menu choices offer fresh fruits and vegetables, cereals, dairy and a chance to try international foods from all over the world, ranging from China to Egypt. We strive to offer healthy foods and cultural education through our multicultural food program at our preschool in Liverpool. We also teach the importance of hydration and offer plenty of water breaks throughout the day.

  • Hand-In-Hand: Our Devoted Team In Liverpool

    We pride ourselves on our Clovel staff, and our team at Liverpool is a compassionate and energetic crew dedicated to delivering quality education to your child. Our staff hold Early Childhood Education and Care qualifications and a passion for encouraging growth through a play-based learning approach. Educators who share similar views are encouraged to visit our site for opportunities to join our team.

If you need a quality preschool in Liverpool, NSW, Clovel Childcare is here to meet your needs. We cater for ages 0 to 6 and help transition from an early years education to a primary experience that your child will be well prepared for.

Unique Learning Pathways At Liverpool’s Childcare Centre

Our extensive programs set us apart from other childcare centres in Liverpool. These curriculums blend academic, extracurricular and interest-based learning to help your child successfully develop in all aspects of their life.

  • Comprehensive Development Tailored To Every Child

    We believe every child can succeed with the right tools and a proper mindset, and that each child should receive quality focus and care. From our brain linkages for our babies to literacy to maths to performing arts, our numerous childcare courses in Liverpool will pique your children’s interest. On a typical day, they may listen to a poetry reading, look for patterns in puzzles or they may participate in an obstacle course to build their physical skills. Whatever the activity, it will keep your child engaged and encourage developmental growth in numerous aspects.

  • Sailing Smoothly From Preschool To Primary School In Liverpool

    With Clovel, your child will successfully obtain all the tools they need for a robust education. Children at our Liverpool preschool start with our baby program and seamlessly transition to our preschool program. Our comprehensive curriculum will help your child succeed when entering primary school.


Liverpool FAQs

Our childcare centre in Liverpool operates from 7 am to 6 pm Monday through to Friday, making it an excellent choice for long day care in Liverpool.

Our staff-to-child ratio strictly complies with Australian government guidelines for Liverpool childcare centres. We know that our little ones need extra care and attention, and we focus on ratio numbers based on age to help achieve this. Children under two will have no more than four children in a group. At age two, this number rises to five in a group. Ages three and up are in groups of ten.

A better question might be, what isn’t on the menu? We believe in promoting positive nutrition at our childcare in Liverpool, and your child can expect fruits and veggies, dairy products, proteins and cereal throughout the day. Food is a great way to continue to educate children, and we offer ample options through the Multicultural Program and Special Days, where we transport your child to another country through cuisine. They might sample kofta in Egypt one day and paella in Spain the next. We offer full meals like breakfast and lunch and lighter options in the morning and afternoon.

  • Enrolment Simplified: How to Join Our Liverpool Centre: Joining the Clovel family has never been easier. Firstly, call to make an appointment time for a centre tour, then on completion of your centre tour we require a $50 enrollment fee to help secure your most sought after spot, request that you confirm a date with your child’s educator and sign up for the Child Care Subsidy Program for governmental funding opportunities. Please also make sure to provide copies of birth certificates and immunisation records for our files in accordance with legislative requirements .
  • Safety Assured: Our Protocols at Liverpool’s Childcare Centre: Our Liverpool family day care centre follows strict governmental protocols for health and safety. Our educators have food and safety training and uphold quality hygiene standards to ensure safety for staff and students.

Our childcare in Liverpool is designed for one essential purpose to make your child feel at home. Our cosy interior and friendly staff provide your little one with all the opportunities they need to develop and thrive. If you are searching for the best childcare in Liverpool, NSW, contact us today and see why we are the learning centre of choice.