Preschool Program

The Clovel Learning Experience

Clovel’s Preschool Program is intentionally designed to set up your child to succeed not only in formal schooling but also for life itself. Unlike traditional or standard services, where preschool starts at 3 years of age, our research tells us valuable opportunities for your child’s development and education may be lost if we wait for your child to turn 3 before we involve them in Clovel’s Preschool program. Thus, at Clovel, we begin each child’s individual early learning and development program from 6 weeks of age.

We ensure a well-resourced, rich and inviting ‘learning through play’ environment that is reflective of children’s interests, strengths & individual needs.

Exploring Early Preschool Programs at Clovel

Welcome to Clovel Childcare, where our extensive preschool program has all your child needs to prepare for formal education while developing strong social, emotional and academic skills. From our numerous curriculums to our extensive food menu, we aim to build little learners who grow academically and socially. 


We strive to provide your child with a “home away from home” at Clovel. Whether your child enrols in our baby or early preschool programs, we will help them every step of the way on their educational journey. Parents receive regular updates through our KindyHub app, an excellent resource to keep up-to-date on nap routines and feeding schedules. We also provide regular blog posts for the surrounding community, where we share Clovel successes, relevant news and parent tips. 

Joining the Clovel family is simple, fill out our online enrolment form, pay the enrolment fee to secure your child’s spot, and register for the Child Care Subsidy program. Once you have completed these steps, your child is ready to embark on their educational adventure at Clovel.

The Foundation of Lifelong Learning: Our Approach to Early Education

Clovel Childcare understands that it is never too early to begin your child’s path to educational success. Our baby program starts as early as six weeks of age, where children begin to develop physical and intellectual skills through developmentally appropriate activities like balancing, tummy time and block play. Our educational programs and daily activities help your child develop cognitive and cooperative skills, building lifelong learners through social activity and natural interests.

Baby Room Routine:
A Day in the Life at Clovel

Upon enrolment at Clovel, your child will immediately be involved in our Preschool and School Readiness Programs. Our Programs begin with our Brain Linkage program for babies from 6 weeks of age and continue through all areas of development until the age of six years. By that time, each child’s brain will have grown to 90% of adults size. The Early Years Learning Framework for Australia (EYLF) “Belonging, Being, Becoming” guides our Preschool Program, which is based on what each individual child loves to do, is interested in and good at.

It’s a pleasure to be there when the children really need you, whether its guidance, a shoulder to cry on, a hug, or to play and have fun with

– Tiarna, Liverpool

Play Based Learning

Clovel’s Preschool program is not a “one size fits all model” but rather a child-specific “Play Based” educational program. Our Educators will custom fit a program for your child based on what they are good at, are interested in, and love to do at their own pace.

All the learning and growth your child will experience is natural, easy, stress free and delivered via a play based learning model by educators who are passionate about what they do.

This style of programming has proven to be best in assisting in the development of confidence, independence, resilience, social skills, emotional strength and a love of learning. Our unique program helps to ensure that those vital building blocks necessary for school life and beyond are in place by the time your child transitions to “big school”.


Central to our Preschool Program beginning from 6 weeks of age is our Educational Programs and Everyday Activities. These activities not only offer endless opportunities for imaginative play and creativity but also assist in the development of physical, cognitive, language, social and emotional skills.

All of our Activities are designed to promote curiosity, imagination, and problem solving and encourage the use of the “Human Senses”.

In addition to core ‘everyday’ experiences, our Educators will extend on your child’s interests, projects and investigations in many ways.

Your child may be interested in space – the planets, moon and stars.

We will encourage your child to not only ask questions about space but experiment and research to discover the answers together – we will build cardboard box ‘rockets’ and brainstorm how different items may fly, create art of what we think aliens look like, we will do experiments on gravity …. the possibilities are endless.

Building Life Skills

Your child will also receive support and encouragement to develop their important social skills, to aid in their transition to primary school.

Through planned activities and spontaneous moments, your child will learn valuable skills such as

Co-operation with others
Sharing and turn-taking
Conflict resolution

Communication with Parents

Kindyhub is Clovel’s App of choice for interactive communication between our families and our Educators. Our Clovel families simply download the free app to their smartphone, tablet or PC to enable immediate and convenient access to view their child’s photos, learning and development progress.

I enjoy feeling the love that is all around you, day in and day out.

– Kaitlyn, Granville


With Parents

Nutrition and meals

Promoting Positive
Nutritional Habits

Literacy program

An Essential
Part of Childhood

School Readiness:
Preparing Preschoolers for the Future

Our Clovel Childcare locations are designed with your child’s best future in mind. Spacious garden areas and bright, bold colours dominate our play spaces, stimulating creativity and fun. The Clovel school readiness program for preschoolers ensures that through interest-based curriculums, education through play and a welcoming environment, your child will feel ready and excited to begin their primary school journey.

Nurturing Social Skills and Academic Growth for Preschoolers

Our focus is to help your little ones discover a joy for learning while also providing safe spaces for children to socialise and thrive. The preschool learning programs at Clovel are designed to meet each learner’s needs and help them grow. 
Throughout their preschool program, your child may engage in storytelling with our literacy program, practice counting skills with our numeracy and maths program, or participate in a hands-on experiment with our science and technology program. These academic programs blend seamlessly with our performing arts and physical activity programs, helping your child to develop in multiple aspects of learning.  
Our comprehensive academic programs work together with our social skills program for preschoolers, where students can develop social and emotional skills. Developing these skills can build their self-confidence and better prepare them for the transition to primary school. Through structured activities and free play, your child will develop skills like cooperation, conflict resolution, sharing and problem-solving.

Discover the Best Preschool Programs at Clovel

Clovel Childcare is proud to provide one of the best preschool programs to help give your child the educational tools and social skills they need to thrive. Using a blend of play-based learning, a holistic approach and numerous activities to support academic and social development, our educators strive to help your child succeed.

Tailored Learning: Adapting to Each Preschooler's Unique Needs

One aspect that we take pride in with our early preschool programs is the freedom of choice for your child with their curriculum development. At Clovel, we believe that children learn best when they can pursue their own interests through exploration and play. We develop a play-based approach in our preschool program, where your child can study their topics of interest with an educator who helps create a custom-fit approach for your child.

Frequently Asked Questions about Our Preschool Program

Beyond our comprehensive curriculum, warm and welcoming environment and excellent healthy menu options, Clovel also boasts a wonderful staff of educators. Our team is well-trained, highly qualified and deeply passionate about helping your child succeed. We value educators who genuinely want to make a difference and enjoy the freedom and ownership of play-based learning. We are always happy to have qualified educators join our team and make a difference.

Our preschool learning programs ensure that your child develops multiple academic, social and emotional skills before beginning primary school. This well-rounded education, delivered through a play-based, holistic approach, means your child will feel well-prepared to thrive academically and socially.

Our social skills program for preschoolers aims to develop social skills such as problem-solving, cooperating with others, resolving conflict, negotiating and building self-confidence overall. Through structured and unstructured activities, children have a chance to naturally develop these skills in a safe setting.

At Clovel, our early learners succeed because of our thorough preschool program. Students can choose their educational path based on natural interests and learn to safely form healthy relationships through guided activities with a qualified educator. Our low teacher-to-student ratio helps ensure each child is given the tools they need to succeed.

Clovel Childcare works hard to emphasise a love of learning through a play-based educational approach. This approach, combined with our multiple academic and social programs and excellent team of educators, is what makes Clovel one of the best preschool programs available.

At Clovel, we value the educational development of every child. Reach out today to learn more about enrolment and joining our Clovel family. Allow Clovel Childcare to be your little one’s “home away from home.”