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Staff Turnover And Why It Matters At A Childcare Centre

One of the many parental responsibilities include finding the perfect childcare for your little one(s). There are many factors to consider when surveying different centers, and the decision you make will determine the impact education and care will have on your child. A good childcare centre is crucial for your tiny tot as these professionals will be looking after them at a very impressionable age.

You want the best for your child. And because he will be surrounded by teachers who will be care for him during this time, these are the questions you need to ask:

• What will their learning be like?
• Will there be sufficient holistic growth for your child at this juncture?
• Are they happily learning with others, similar to their age?

One of the most important reasons why you enrol your child in a childcare facility is to provide a safe and secure environment for them outside their home. Young children learn vital skills from a young age.

Finding a childcare center that encourages problem solving and sharing, teaches them responsibility and provides a safe and fun environment is important. And one critical factor to this outcome is staff. The teachers and support staff at these facilities play a central role in the overall development of your child.

Why You Should Evaluate the Staff While Evaluating the Centre

Always take a tour of the place before enrolling your child in any facility. Keep your eyes open for subtle cues to understand the general environment of that facility. An excellent learning space would have a learning and educational vibe as well as prove to be a fun and safe environment for the children.

Check whether it is well maintained. Does it look like a conducive place for education? While you are there, speak to staff and gage their reactions and responses to your questions. Look for the following things:

• Do they look happy?
• Do they look engaged themselves?
• What is the level of interaction with the children they are caring for?
• Are they committed?
• Are they keeping the children engaged in meaningful activities?

These adults are essential for the holistic development of your child. Besides their home and parents, these are the people they will look up to as mentors and role models. You don’t want your child in the hands of someone unsure about their career and have no known career goals. Ask about the qualifications of the educators.

Seek out their potential for professional development in this field. Think twice about enrolling your child in facilities which are unable to give you satisfactory answers. Go with your gut instincts.

What to Look For In Children?

The skills and quality of the educators at the facility matter a great deal. A motivated individual will keep the children engaged and happy. You should also try and determine how children react to teachers and whether they are happy. An environment of continuity, safety and trust built into the working of the childcare facility can create a natural sense of wellbeing in the children. You will be able to identify this in their behaviour by determining:

• Whether they are respectful towards each other
• How they are addressing their friends and teachers
• How careful these children are while handling resources?

It’s difficult for the facilities to provide a challenging environment focused on equal parts learning and development while not taking away the fun part. This is even more apparent when staff turnover is high. Research shows that this is one field which has a high employee turnover rate. Facilities that have a massive churn with its educators are known to have detrimental effects on children.

Reasons Why Childcare Professionals Leave

There are many reasons why childcare staff members quit and move on from one job to another. Some of the most basic reasons for this are inadequate payment, questionable working conditions and paperwork.

Why It Matters

• It’s unfortunate that highly dedicated, highly qualified staff leave their jobs.
• They have built up a level of ease with your child in day to day interactions.
• A sense of predictability is developed in your child’s life, and a Childcare staff has an important role to play in this.
• Your child is bound to develop a deep attachment with the educator as is often the case with anyone who cares for them over some time.
• Your child begins to trust and develops a deep and caring rapport with educators because they grow used to having facility staff members treating them with due consideration and respect
• Your child develops a bond with an educator, and it might upset them to suddenly find a new face waiting for them at the Centre.

If a child has sufficient support from parents and carers at home, transitional staff can be managed. But children are unpredictable. And with fast paced lives, sometimes it becomes difficult to understand what’s going on in your child’s mind. This is why we need to understand how important it is to have devoted and caring teachers at your child’s care centre.

We recommend having a heart to heart with your children as often as possible to understand them. We at Clovel Childcare and Early Learning Centre, provide a very nurturing environment for children to learn and grow. For any information about our Educational Programs, give us a call at 02 9199 0294 or fill in this contact us form

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