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National Educator’s Day!

Happy National Educators Day to all of our wonderful Clovel Childcare Educators.

In the castle of Clovel our King and Queen Educators shape the minds of your little princes and princesses to run a castle of their own.

Early Childhood Educators Day recognises and celebrates the hard work of Australia’s early childhood educators for their wonderful contribution to the well being, healthy development and education of the young children in their care.

At Clovel, our programs are based upon what each child loves to do, is interested in and good at to ensure each child is given the best chance to grow and learn to their fullest capacity. Clovel educators are so passionate about achieving this aim, they are absolute stars! Our educators plan activities that provide opportunities for socialising, problem-solving, creativity, positive self-esteem and belonging, giving our children the ability to gain those vital building blocks necessary for school life and beyond. A big thank you to all of our fabulous educators for the wonderful dedication and love they display.

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