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ILR Spelling with Playdough Childcare Activity

As part of our Literacy program, Clovel children engage in the I Love Reading program.

The children learn a different letter each week and then combine the letters learnt to read and write basic words.

One of these activities is spelling with play dough. This is where the children manipulate the play dough to stretch it out in order to create different letters of the alphabet. We then put the letters together to create words and spell them out as we make the sounds relating to the letters.

This benefits your child because they learn about the use of phonetic language and letter-sound combinations. This activity enables the children to sound out the letters as they read the words and extend their vocabulary, increasing their literacy knowledge and enhancing their cognitive development.

We at Clovel Childcare and Early Learning Centre, provide a very nurturing environment for children to learn and grow. For any information about our Literacy Program, give us a call at 02 9199 0294 or fill in this contact us form

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