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Fine Motor Development

As part of our early learning program, the children engage in fine motor development which is essential in learning to write effectively.

At Clovel, we start with developing the hand, with babies grasping objects, transferring objects between hands and clapping. The children then move to pincher grasp using the thumb and index finger to grasp an object including building with small blocks, beading and threading. The final stage is pincer grasp, which uses of the thumb, middle finger and index finger. Examples using the pincer grasp include using tongs and squeezing pegs. This leads to the children using a tripod grasp to hold a pencil and write correctly setting them up for school life and beyond.

We at Clovel Childcare and Early Learning Centre, provide a very nurturing environment for children to learn and grow. For any information about our Educational Programs, give us a call at 02 9199 0294 or fill in this contact us form

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