Performing Arts Program

Encouraging Creativity

At Clovel, we make it a point to encourage creativity and enthusiasm for the arts in your child. This is age is ideal to explore any musical, artistic, and performance-related talent your child might have. Our Educators will help encourage and develop different artistic skills in your child. These include

  • Dancing
  • Acting and dramatic performance
  • Public speaking and debates
  • Music – Both vocal & instrumental

Life Skills through the Arts

Performing arts do not just encourage your child’s creativity, but also assists your child to develop a number of essential life skills such as

  • Incorporation, collaboration, and teamwork
  • Confidence in and the ability to express oneself
  • Focus and commitment
  • An understanding of Non-verbal communication and body language


If you have any questions relating to the Clovel Performing Arts Program or any other aspect of starting at Clovel please do not hesitate to contact our friendly Team.