Clovel Childcare provides your child with a “home away from home” ensuring they feel loved and nurtured in a safe, learning environment.

At Clovel, we don’t try to fit your child into a mould or force them to perform beyond their ability. We focus on your child as an individual whereby we create a personalised program based on what your child is good at, is interested in and loves to do while taking all the steps needed to ensure they’re safe and comfortable.

“Our Educators are highly qualified in their respective fields, so you can trust them to educate your child. They’re friendly, welcoming, and gentle so all children can feel loved and important and can respond well to them with ease”

We believe that parents and educators should work together to make sure each child receives well-rounded care, development, nurturing and education.

Our goal for your child is to reach school and life readiness gently but successfully and at your child’s own pace by recognising and focusing on your child’s strengths to promote their confidence, self-esteem and sense of self-worth while simultaneously supporting your child to work on improving in their areas of weakness.